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10.09.2020 Project launched in Latvia

On 10 September, Latvian State Environmental Services and Latvian Biogas Association held the project “Sustainable Biogas” opening seminar in Latvia.
Representatives from the biogas plants, state institutions and non-governmental organizations were gathered to raise the awareness about the project aims, planned activities and results.
Laura Taube from the State Environmental Services opened the seminar and introduced with the overall project aims, planed results and timetable, as well introduced to the project partners.
Presentation about the nutrient management at biogas plants was given by Imants Plume. It was highlighted that in order to develop sustainable nutrient management guidelines, it will be an important task for the project to gather as much information as possible on the current situation with digestate production as the biogas stations are using different raw materials and technologies.
Latvian Biogas Association project manager Baiba Brice informed about the plans to develop the biogas digestate quality system in Latvia which would enhance the sustainable biogas digestate use, as well would increase the public awareness about the alternative to the mineral fertilizers.
In conclusion Andis Kārkliņš, chairman of the board of Latvian Biogas association, moderated the discussion in which aspects on the quality of biogas digestate and its use in fertilisation, use of sewage sludge and legislative requirements were discussed.