Sustainable biogas project improves nutrient management in biogas production and in spreading of digestates.

Nutrient management at biogas plants

Project outputs help national environmental authorities and biogas operators to plan and operate biogas plants in a more sustainable manner. The focus is on learning from best practices in forerunner countries and on improving nutrient management at the plants with EIA, permitting and informational instruments.
Regulatory and management guidelines for sustainable biogas production 
A policy brief on nutrient management at biogas plants

Regional nutrient balances

Regional strategies for good nutrient management are to guide decision-making on biogas plants so that nutrient management is taken into account in planning and permitting of the plants.
– Nutrient maps for Zemgale, SW Finland and Åland Islands
– Regional nutrient management plans for Zemgale, SW Finland and Åland Islands
A policy brief 

Markets for recycled nutrients

Market creation and nutrient recycling are supported by digestate quality systems, information on the correct and optimal usage of recycled nutrients and development plans for overcoming current legislative and regulatory obstacles.
A digestate quality system for Latvia 
A quality system for recycled fertilizers in Finland
A policy brief on market creation for digestate based products and recycled nutrients 

Usage and disposal possibilities for sewage-based biomasses

The project contributes towards finding sustainable solutions for the challenge of usage and disposal of sewage based digestates and sludges by providing information and opportunities for stakeholder dialogue.
Nutrient leakage from digestate usage in greeneries 
Alternative national future usage or disposal possibilities for Finland
A policy brief


Biogas is a climate-friendly energy form which also enables nutrient recycling.


Sustainable biogas project got started with a virtual kick-off meeting in the end of May.

About the project

Biogas is an important renewable energy source for reducing dependency on fossil fuels and tackling climate change.


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