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11.2.2021 Tools for Baltic Sea -friendly biogas production

Biogas is a climate-friendly way to produce energy, and it also opens opportunities for nutrient recycling. The production, however, involves a risk of eutrophicating nutrient discharges. Come and hear more from Marjukka Porvari in a free international webinar on February 11! Programme and registration: Marjukka will be presenting project Sustainable Biogas in Parallel session 2. Actions to combat climate change for life below water.

The webinar “A clean, productive and shared Baltic Sea – regional and local actions for a sustainable future” to be organised by BSC will focus on Baltic Sea protection from the pollution, consumption and citizenship points of views.

The nutrient risks of biogas production can be reduced by paying attention to the safe utilisation of nutrient-rich digestates, to the management of wastewaters from biogas production, and to nutrient recycling. The goal of the Sustainable Biogas project, funded by the EU’s Interreg Central Baltic programme, is to promote the sustainability of biogas from a water protection perspective. The project is implemented by the John Nurminen Foundation, the ELY Centre for Southwest Finland, the Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association, Latvian State Environmental Services, and the Latvian Biogas Association.