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08.06.2020 Project Sustainable Biogas launched

Project Sustainable Biogas got started with a virtual kick-off meeting in the end of May. The meeting brought together all the project partners for the very first time and offered an opportunity to discuss the goals of the project: increasing the sustainability of nutrient management both in biogas production and in digestate management. Identification of
important stakeholder groups and planning of next steps were also on the agenda.

Luckily the Covid-19 pandemic is not likely to prevent the implementation of the project as the work starts mainly with analyses of current situation. Stakeholder consultations and actual development work will follow the analyses later on.

A public launch of the project will take place in kick-off seminars in Latvia and Finland. The Latvian seminar is planned for September 10th and the webinar in Finland for September 11th. Please follow our website to hear news about the future events!