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9.4.2021 Two reports on current situation published

The first deliverables of project Sustainable Biogas include “Current legislative and voluntary measures affecting the use recycled fertilisers in Finland and Latvia” and “Current situation, existing regulations and nutrient leakage risks of practices in Finland”. The former report illustrates the regulatory framework where voluntary quality assurance schemes for recycled nutrients operate currently and in the near future, while the latter report puts together the information on the current usage of sewage sludge -based biomasses.

Additional three reports reviewing the current situation in Finland and Latvia are under preparation. They focus on nutrient management in the biogas production chain in Finland and Latvia and on the management of sewage sludge -based biomasses in Latvia.

Based on the analysis of current situation, a natural next step is to start building development proposals. In the case of quality assurance schemes, Finnish SBB and Latvian Biogas Association will support market creation and nutrient recycling by developing quality systems for digestates and recycled fertilisers. In the area of sewage sludge -based biomasses, the project consortium will facilitate a stakeholder dialogue on sustainable end use options.